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Is Gender The Aid For Violence?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

BY-M. Sahithi

(Gitam school of law)

Is violence only meant for women? Only women are facing domestic violence, sexual harassment, psychological abuse, emotional treats. Do you think Men are safe? All these problems are free from men. While this may be true in many of the reported cases, domestic violence against men is more common than we may think and can cause a serious threat to its victims.

So to know how domestic violence is faced by many people first we should know what domestic violence is.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, no matter who you are. It is not physical violence alone. It is learned behavior and their main motive is to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, or intimate family member.

Domestic violence can be in many ways like bullying, emotional and psychological abuse, social isolation etc.

Types of violence Men Are Facing

Physical abuse: causing injury and death of an adult.

Sexual abuse: forcing unwanted sexual activity on adult.

Physiological, emotional, or spiritual abuse: using hurtful words or actions to control or frighten an adult or attempt to destroy self-respect.

Financial abuse: control or misuse property

Neglect: denying basics needs to a person like food, shelter, clothing.

Legal and administrative abuse – use of institutions to impose further abuse on a

Victim, for example taking out false holdback orders to deny the victim access to

his children

Statistical data of domestic violence against men

According to a recent study, 51.5% males experienced violence at the hands of their wives/intimate partners Or family members at least once in their lifetime.

According to the National Family Health Survey, 2004, this violence is not always imposed by the wife but many a time by a wife's relatives. When physical violence and threats against men by wife’s relatives are taken into account, an estimated 3 crore men are facing domestic violence in India.

In a study conducted by My Nation along with Save Family Foundation (Delhi) on domestic violence against men, between April 2005 and March 2006, 1,650 men were interviewed and their personal cases looked into. The study concluded that Indian women were the most offensive and dominating.

From all over India, 98% of the respondents had suffered domestic violence more than once in their lives. The study covered Indian husbands from various socioeconomic structures, but the dimensions of the respondents, according to the researchers, came from the upper middle class and the middle class.

Domestic violence against men Around the world

49% of people are injured with domestic violence in chile in that 19% are male victims

37% of victims Of Spain recorded as men

28.5%of male victims in the U. S have experienced physical violence, rape, and stalking by a wife /intimidate partner at least once in their life time

26%of domestic violence cases in France are male victims

24% of Switzerland people injured due to domestic violence are men

18% of male victims in England and Wales have experienced domestic violence since they were 16. Only in 2011 alone 80,000 cases were recorded.

17% of Hong Kong cases of domestic violence are male victims and female perpetrators

6% of Ghana victims are male are recorded as domestic violence.

16 cases were filed in Rwanda that men’s were murdered by wives between January and August 2011.

Moroccan NGO in 2012 received 1700 calls from men injured due to domestic violence.

Comparison of India and Other Countries

The frequency of wife/intimate partner violence (51.5%) in the latest Indian study was found to be higher than data collected for domestic violence under partner abuse state of knowledge project (PASK) from the USA, Canada, and the UK (19.3%).

Crimes committed against men

At home or at the workplace to avoid punishments or to get some recompense, men too can be involved in sexual activity by force. The harsh reality which couldn't come up, In many states of India, a young man with good qualifications and income is abducted and forced to marry without his consent. False rape and other charges such as molestation are also common where many cases filed against men under rape Or other are most of them are false. False accusations are major problem against men. which violates their basic human rights. Since law and society always traditionally favor females as the weaker sex, most of the times, false complaints of sexual abuse/rape are register against men. This is true concerning cases against men under 498A (domestic violence) and false dowry cases, and the same was expressed by various courts during their proceedings.

Causes for domestic violence against men

Men facing domestic violence at the hands of wife's or female partners is a harsh reality. However, no one is bothered many people think violence is most of the times meant for women but it is not that anyone can face domestic violence but men are not coming up to report due to many causes may be they are ashamed, fear threatened. It doesn't mean they are not facing any problems in the society. Domestic Violence is a serious social issue, but before men who face domestic violence in India have nowhere to go since the law doesn’t treat them as victims.But now it identified and addressed it.

Domestic Violence has been recognized across the world as a form of violence that affects a person’s life in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically – and is a violation of basic human rights. Various countries have identified it as a serious threat to a person’s overall security thus providing benefits in various forms. India has also identified domestic violence as a crime and provides relief and protection from it – inspite to only Women.

There are several cases where a husband has been battered, abused, tortured by wife's in connivance with her own family. Many of the times the violence is so brutal that the husband suffers extreme injuries, in some cases he is killed as well.

And one of the causes for this may be due to patriarchal thinking of the society that men are stronger than women and they can defend themselves with physical force. This is what society may think.

Effects of domestic violence against men…

● Any violence affects life physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

● There are many Unreported and unnoticed violence against men which may lead to denial in accepting the family, depression, divorce or suicide in extreme cases. It has been observed that suicides were more in married men as compared to separated/unmarried men

● And another most important thing is domestic violence against men or women’s it will show the serious effect on children and also further it leads to violent behavior in them and they may perform the same in the future.

● According to WHO (2002), women think more about committing suicide, whereas men die by suicide more frequently. This is also known as a gender paradox in society.

● According to research violence can increase the risk of smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse; mental illness and Suicide.

Problems for men for not reporting

In the patriarchal society it may think men are stronger than women so men are ashamed of being beaten by their wife/intimate partner. They may fear that law may not believe that males are victims of domestic violence. Because there are cases of false accusations against men. There are no proper provisions for domestic violence against men so victims may think it would not take seriously. There are no equal laws for domestic violence against men as women. These all are some of the barriers which leads to men for not reporting.

Do you think all the cases filed by women Against men are true???

Recently Delhi commission of women released terrible statistics showing 53%of rape cases filed between apirl2013 -july2014 are false. Between April 2013 - july2014 among 2753 cases only 1287 were found to be true and remaining 1464 were false. Which means half of the filed cases were false.

These all incidents are happening because gender is a key tool. Or social media or law for the protection of women. Why if a man molested or Harassed was not the issue, not all men are criminal. Women also commit crimes here the issue is not gender. The issue is how we treat the problem.

In cases where men are falsely accused of violence or dowry, a law which can address these false allegations is the need. Human rights and gender equality should include both men and women. Domestic violence should be considered as spousal violence and must not be differentiated due to gender.

Domestic violence acts in India are not only for women. Studies show that men are also the victims of violence at the hand of women. Hence, necessary amendments addressing violence against men are suggested.

Domestic violence was recognized as a criminal offense in India in 1983. The offense is chargeable under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code.

Can men can file a domestic violence case against women

Yes men can file cases against their wives for domestic violence. Domestic violence is not gender specific. Whatever rules concerned for women apply for men too. But not many help services subsist for men like how they exist for women. Society thinks Majority of women face domestic violence because of the patriarchal mindset. Hence more services for such women compared to men. There are some real incidents women file against their husbands due to the abuse their husbands impose on them and they need to be brought out in the open. It is unfortunate that in most of the cases sec.498 A is falsely used against men by their immature wives and families.

What to do if men are victims of domestic violence?

● First and important thing is if you are victims of domestic violence come out and talk about it with the person you trust like friends or relatives,neighbour concern help lines where there are many organizations will protect you from violence. Don't be ashamed or fear. Until someone doesn't come forward you don't get any support and you may not break the cycle of violence.

● Self-control is important, so be sure to control your emotions and physical actions.

● Take counseling which may heal your pain or any mental health center. Counseling and support groups for people in offensive relationships are available in most communities.

● In an emergency, call your local emergency number or law enforcement agency resources also can help.

● If you are injured, your health-care provider, Doctors and nurses will treat the injuries and can also refer you to other local resources.

● A local court Or your district court can help you obtain a hold back order that legally mandates the person who is creating trouble to stay away from you or face arrest. Local advocates may be available to help guide you through the process.


Violence is violence if it is for men or women or others. Everyone has basic human rights. But why domestic violence against men is not Recognized as a major issue in the society. There are no proper provisions for domestic violence against men. In society men and women are the tower of strength so equal protection should be given. But no one is coming forward to break this cycle. There are many cases which are not even reported. The main cause for this is enforcement of laws. The legislation needs to enforce domestic violence against men as a punishable offence.


· www.Family. Findlaw. Com


[DISCLAIMER: This article is for general information only. We have tried to include as much information as possible but there are chances that some important information may have been missed .It is NOT to be substituted for legal advice or taken as legal advice. The publishers of the this article shall not be liable for any act or omission based on this note].

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